Corporate Spotlight



For over three decades, Nexthermal has stood alongside us in our mission. Their ethos mirrors our commitment to making a difference in the fight to end hunger in South Michigan. Nexthermal’s involvement in our initiatives amplifies the impact of our programs, showcasing a dedication that extends beyond business to serve our neighbors.

Through Nexthermal’s partnership, we’ve witnessed firsthand their dedication to people. Their victory in our Fort Fills the Fleet challenge provided $4,455 toward our mission, and underscores their hands-on approach to making a difference. The team at Nexthermal got creative and came together for culinary days in the office. Their $5 nacho bar is getting quite the reputation among their team, the proceeds of which they donate to our cause.

“Nexthermal has had the privilege of supporting the South Michigan Food Bank for many years. It’s such a meaningful way to support your community and feel that you are making a direct impact on the lives of people who may have food insecurities. We have a lot of fun raising funds to contribute to the “Fill the Fleet” competition. I would encourage other local companies to engage in this opportunity. I think many people are interested in helping others and it’s really rewarding to know that however small your contribution, it can make a big difference in someone who’s facing difficulty.”

Sheri Mullens, Vice President of Administration

Nexthermal’s alignment with our mission reflects a shared belief in the power of working together to address the challenges we face as a community. We are immensely grateful for Nexthermal’s steadfast support, which is a beacon of hope in our shared pursuit of a future without food insecurity.

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