Backpack Program

We partner with schools to provide children with meals beyond school hours.

At A Glance

1 in 5
Children Are Food Insecure
Participating Children in the 8 Counties We Serve
School Age Children Are in Poverty

Childhood Food Insecurity

Children who receive free or reduced cost school lunches often go home unsure if there will be enough to eat for dinner or over the weekend. No child should have to worry about whether they’ll have enough to eat.

The Backpack Program sends nonperishable meal packages home with students in low-income households so they have access to food over the weekends and school breaks. Each package contains enough food for four meals.

Nutrition plays a critical role in a child’s capacity to thrive. Free and reduced meals in schools are essential for children who are food insecure, but only help during school hours. The South Michigan Food Bank Backpack Program provides nourishment for children when school meals are not available, helping to fill the gap on weekends and breaks. Our backpacks provide kid-friendly items like fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and easy to make pasta meals.

Sponsor A Child & Their Nourishment
  • Weekly for a month: $24
  • Weekly for 1/2 a school year (20 weeks): $120
  • Weekly for a full school year (40 weeks): $240
Sponsor A Classroom & A Community
  • Weekly for a month: $720
  • Weekly for 1/2 a school year (20 weeks): $3,600
  • Weekly for a full school year (40 weeks): $7,200

Your Support Will:

Provide nutritious food to kids for the school year
Increase access to food for children in the most needed areas
Increase the number of schools we can serve
Meet basic needs of children and their families
When children are hungry, they are at a higher risk of chronic illnesses like: Asthma, anemia, and behavioral challenges like hyperactivity, anxiety or aggression.
School pantries allow for a choice model for older students.
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