What We Do

Feeding South Michigan since 1982

Our Mission

To enrich lives in our community by eliminating food insecurity

See how South Michigan Food Bank is making an impact in our 8 counties!

It’s a team effort; we couldn’t do it without the help and support of our partner agencies, volunteers, and community! In 2023 our agency partners grew to include over 360 locations across our 8-county service area!

In 2023, together with our donors, volunteers, and partners, we distributed 11,106,970 pounds of food!

St. Joseph

Our food bank has grown…

from a small group of people believing in this mission to an organization that reaches thousands of people each year. We partner with 360+ agencies over eight Michigan counties to make sure that everyone has access to the nutrition they need to succeed. These agencies are organizations like schools, churches, and other nonprofits that run distribution sites for pantries, Fresh Food Distributions, and other programs.

One of the first photos we have of our Food Bank, circa 1982! Our founder, Bob Randels (L), and staff in the warehouse, working against hunger in South Michigan. 
Volunteers unpack food donations at South Michigan Food Bank in the early 1980s!

So, here’s our part in the movement to end hunger

Secure Donations

We receive donations of food, funds, and time from individuals, companies and organizations!

Aquire & Move Food

We pick up and receive an average of 1 million pounds of food every month!

Safely Store & Distribute Food

We store food in our 30,200 sq ft warehouse! Agencies visit us to pick up their food or have it delivered by one of our drivers!

Partners Open Their Doors

Over 300 partners in eight counties ensure families no longer worry about where their next meal is coming from!

Together, We Feed Thousands of People!

Every month there are 15,000 families visiting a food pantry in our neighborhood and yours!

Food Bank vs Food Pantry

Food Bank

Food banks source million pounds of food through purchases and donations. We store that food and distribute to partner food sites. We are 1 of 200 food banks across the nation — every county in the United States is covered by a food bank!

Food Pantry

Partner food sites, like food pantries, Fresh Food Distributions, and soup kitchens, are places like schools and churches that give the food acquired from a food bank directly to those who need it, face-to-face. We have over 360+ of these partners across our eight counties!

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We are Proud Members

Learn more about the Food Bank Council of Michigan and how they serve every county in Michigan.

Learn more about Feeding America and their 200 food bank network.

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