Corporate Spotlight

ThermalTech Engineering

TE Cares

ThermalTech Engineering’s program, TE Cares, embodies their dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of engineering consultancy. Their generous support of the South Michigan Food Bank as one of our Corporate Partners exemplifies their commitment to corporate social responsibility and ending hunger in South Michigan.

ThermalTech routinely volunteers with us to pack fresh food boxes and repackage bulk foods in our Clean Room. Some employees of ThermalTech Engineering have even begun a monthly giving circle!

“Christ calls us to serve him by loving our neighbors. Our TE Cares program is intended to seek out and support local agencies who live out that commandment… We’re called to feed the hungry. I’m grateful to organizations like South Michigan Food Bank who do so, and provide opportunities for others to do so.”

Charles T. Young, P.E. — ThermalTech Engineering

We are proud to partner with companies like ThermalTech, who demonstrate their unwavering commitment to uplifting our communities and addressing the root causes of hunger.

Learn more about ThermalTech Engineering at thermaltech.com/about-us.

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