Understanding hunger helps us fight it.

Hunger in America is a national study conducted by Feeding America. These studies provide demographic profiles of people seeking food assistance from the charitable sector. Hunger in America 2014 is the sixth and most comprehensive study undertaken.

Hunger in America Study 2014

Feeding America conducts an annual Map the Meal Gap study to improve the understanding of food insecurity and food costs at the local level. The most recent release is based on data from 2018.

Meal Gap Map 2018

In response to COVID-19, Feeding America has also released a companion study and interactive map that illustrate the projected impact of the pandemic on local food insecurity in 2020. 

ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households  are those that live above the federal poverty level, but below a basic survival threshold that includes being able to pay for housing, child care, food, health care and transportation. This report reveals that 1.54 million households in Michigan are struggling to support themselves.

The ALICE Report

This 2018 report is the result of a food access pilot survey conducted in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Washington Heights Food Access Survey

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