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Our Projects

Prepare and package food to be distributed through our pantries and Fresh Food Distributions to those in need.

Our Fresh Food Distributions provide, on average, 22 pounds of fresh produce, meat, dairy, bakery, and other fresh items to 150 families at each of our 100 sites! In 2023, we provided 2.9 million pounds of fresh items throughout our eight-county service area. By volunteering to pack food, you ensure families have healthy options and well-rounded meals!

Take bulk food items — like cereal, frozen broccoli, or peanut butter — and package them into smaller sealed bags for redistribution.

Our Clean Room provides a sanitary and temperature-controlled space which allows us to repackage items all year round. In 2023, our volunteers completed 142,642 bags! Volunteering in our Clean Room is a great team building opportunity, and often a friendly competition ensues. By volunteering to pack food, you ensure families have healthy options and well-rounded meals!

Help prepare boxes of food items for our Fresh Food Pharmacy Program, which provides clients with 20+ nutritious meals to help manage chronic illnesses.

For our Fresh Food Pharmacy, we partner with Grace Health to deliver these boxes directly to clients’ doors. By volunteering to pack these boxes, you’re helping your neighbors stand against their chronic illnesses and achieve sustainable health improvements, both physically and mentally!

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Volunteer Team
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Volunteer Manager

Dennis Krohn

Meet Dennis

Packing boxes for our Fresh Food Distributions (FFDs) is one of our most popular projects! We pack these boxes every day with over 20 pounds of fresh food for our 100 FFD sites across eight counties! 
In the Clean Room, we repack bulk food items (anything from granola to frozen vegetables) into smaller packages! This room is temperature-controlled, and the settings are changed based on what we’re packing that day!
Our volunteers help pack and sort the food that is distributed at our partner food sites!
At our repack station, you can sort food that’s been donated to us into categories. This helps us easily find what we need to give out to our pantries and partners to feed clients!
Volunteering is a great activity for teams, friends or family.
Help sort food to make sure families across South Michigan receive fresh, high-quality items!
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