Clean Room

From full pallets to family size.

Knowing that we could stretch the valued dollars we receive from donors by repackaging bulk food donations on-site, we partnered with the Kellogg Company to build our Clean Room in 2020! Throughout the past few years, we've repackaged everything from Cocoa Puffs to peanut butter to cocoa powder and spices. Because the room is temperature controlled, we are also able to handle frozen vegetables, like squash, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and zucchini!

Interested in bringing your group out to volunteer in our Clean Room? Contact our volunteer department!


We distribute the product we package in the Clean Room through our Fresh Food Distributions and pantries — even at our own Fort Food Pantry here at the Food Bank. We have also packaged spice kits for the Fresh Food Pharmacy program in this room! 

20220419 Southwest Michigan First Chamber of Commerce - 2 of 50

We receive a lot of the product packaged in our Clean Room from local vendors like Post and Kellogg!

20220419 Southwest Michigan First Chamber of Commerce - 20 of 50

This bulk package of Kellogg's Froot Loops, called a cone, weighs 825 pounds and can fill over 1,000 bags of cereal!

20211015 Alex - 7 of 8

We love having groups, like sports teams, businesses, and church groups, out to volunteer in the Clean Room! 

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