Our Incredible Volunteers!

As National Volunteer Month ends, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the invaluable contributions of our dedicated volunteers. We are filled with gratitude and admiration for each and every volunteer that has given time to SMFB to aid in the fight against hunger.

A few of our volunteers, Jim and Anne, shared with us about their journey before becoming regular volunteers and why they love joining us at SMFB!

Jim and Anne are from the Battle Creek area and have been married for over twenty years. After Jim retired from working at the BC Federal Center and Anne retired from being a high school teacher, the couple had a lot more free time on their hands. Stumbling across SMFB online back in 2021, they decided to embrace the opportunity to give back through volunteering.

To this day, Jim and Anne volunteer once a week with us; we are deeply grateful for their dedication and view them as part of our SMFB family! What sets Jim and Anne apart is their genuine love for people, as they often express that their favorite part of volunteering with us is “the people.” Moreover, they wholeheartedly believe in our mission, often remarking that what they love most about SMFB is that we are “helping so many in our community.”

Jim and Anne are only two of many dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and hearts to our cause. Not only do we have many individuals who volunteer with us, but we also have schools, companies, local organizations, and more!

We are beyond grateful this month, National Volunteer Month, and every month for the incredible people who brighten our days by bringing generosity and compassion to SMFB. From Jim and Anne, whose unwavering commitment inspires us all, to the countless other volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to support our neighbors facing food insecurity. Because of them, we are able to spread hope throughout our community.

As we look ahead with optimism, we carry the spirit of volunteerism with us, knowing that it is through our collective efforts that we truly make a difference. Thank you for all that you do!

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