End Child Hunger with the Backpack Program!

One in seven children are currently experiencing hunger. In nearly every community across the nation, there are children that go to bed hungry and wake up hungry, due to having little to no access to food. During the week, these students look forward to having meals available to them every time they attend school. But when the weekend rolls around, these students have little to nothing to eat. Our Backpack Program gives children the opportunity to get the nutrients they need over the weekend and during school breaks, ensuring that they stay happy, healthy, and never go hungry!

1 in 7 children are food insecure. Our goal is to ensure that every participating child has the nutrients they need to thrive. With the exception of some agencies packing backpacks themselves, we purchase the food and package the backpacks in our warehouse, before sending them out to schools for them to distribute to participating students. We are excited to see how our new sponsorship levels can support more children, their nourishment, and their futures!

Each Backpack is full of non-perishable food items that meet the nutritional needs of a child for the weekend or school break. There are four full meals included in each Backpack, containing breakfast items, such as oatmeal, cereal, or granola bars, along with other various meals that are easy to prepare, such as boxed meals. Fruits and vegetables are always included, as well as snacks.

Childhood hunger leads to two major concerns: health and education.

When a child goes without the nutrients they need, they are at higher risk of chronic illnesses like asthma and anemia, as well as being more likely to be hospitalized, which can lead to more financial and emotional stress on the family. These children are also more likely to suffer from growth and developmental impairments, limiting their full potential and causing long-term physical, emotional, and intellectual issues for the child.

Due to the inability to concentrate, hungry children tend to underperform academically. Children are the steppingstone to the future. In order for our communities to have educated, strong, and impactful leaders for years to come, we need to ensure that our children get the education they need to succeed, and that starts with fighting childhood hunger head-on.

By becoming a sponsor, you can change children’s lives and ensure they never go hungry on the weekends. We stretch every dollar to its fullest potential, making sure every donation, regardless of how small or large, counts!

Sponsor a child:

Weekly for a month:$24
Weekly for 1/2 a school year:$120
Weekly for a full school year:$240

Sponsor a classroom/community:

Weekly for a month:$720
Weekly for 1/2 a school year:$3,600
Weekly for a full school year:$7,200
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