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A Memorable Month of Service

April, Volunteer Month, is one of our favorites here at South Michigan Food Bank. This April, 294 volunteers dedicated 990 hours to pack 15,000 fresh food boxes and 3,000 pounds of cereal in our Clean Room for families in South Michigan!

By filling fresh food boxes, repacking bulk items into family-sized packages, and sorting food, our volunteers make it possible for us to feed 33,000 people every day. So, although Volunteer Month has come to a close, we love welcoming new faces year-round. Sign up here to join the movement to end hunger by giving time.

To celebrate those who give their time to the movement to end hunger, we’re sharing some of the reasons why our staff appreciates our volunteers and why our volunteers love spending time at the Food Bank. Thanks to all who made this April a memorable month of service! 

From Our Volunteers


Life is for service!

—Ann & Shelby

It feeds my soul. It’s awesome to be a part of feeding my community!

— Deb

It’s a good cause! I love the Food Bank staff and have great camaraderie with other volunteers.

— Donna

To give back to the community, stay busy and be social. I enjoy everyone here at the Food Bank!  

— Geary

I love the flexibility of being able to choose when I volunteer. It’s been great getting to know the volunteer staff, and it’s great being able to give back to the community! 

— Jim

I love being able to help the community and spend some time doing something very worthwhile for others. I’ve also really enjoyed working with the SMFB staff, especially Alex, Dennis and Randy (in no particular order 😊)

— Anne

I’m retired now and needed to fulfill my time with helping others. South Michigan Food Bank allows me flexibility of days and hours to work. Their staff is phenomenal; very welcoming and enjoyable to be a part of! 

— Launa

It is important to help others. I have the time and it is worth using at agencies that are importing the large needs of those in our community and beyond.

— Kathy

I enjoy being able to reach out and help my community as well as getting to meet all the awesome people who come and help.

— Brehana

From Our Staff


They help create a positive work environment for our team every day! All the volunteers come in ready to work to help feed their community, and it is inspiring to watch. The volunteer team has the special privilege of meeting new volunteers daily and building relationships with our regulars!  

— Alex

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. They unselfishly give so much, especially our volunteers who come back time and time again. We employees notice the people who show up regularly to help, we try and say help and ask each other names as we are all in this together. Volunteering particularly in such a noble cause as our Food Bank reaffirms my sense of humanity. It’s a beautiful thing. 

— John

Our volunteers juggle busy schedules, careers, school, and other obligations, but they still find time to help those in their community by volunteering at the SMFB.

— Marsha

We couldn’t do any of our work without them. Our Fresh Food Pharmacy program would not be possible without the support of all of our amazing volunteers who pack up boxes each week. You make it possible for hundreds of patients to receive healthy meal kits! 

— Amanda

When I go out on the volunteer floor, I see lots of smiles and laughter! It makes my heart happy to see the volunteers have a good time while helping SMFB get food out to those who need it. 

— Tammi

Our volunteers brighten up our food bank! They are passionate, kind, and inspire others to join the movement to end hunger. 

— Summer

There are so many reasons! Their energy, dedication, joyful attitudes, team spirit, and their heart for service! 

— Donielle

Want to join the team to feed South Michigan? Volunteer with us!

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