Peter Vogel

Chief Executive Officer

How I got to the Food Bank

I have spent my entire career in non-profit organizations.  The nine years prior to coming to the Food Bank, I was the CEO of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada but my wife and I grew up in the Midwest (I grew up in Nebraska) and we were looking to move back into middle America.  I think that as we mature, we tend to find what we like to do/are good at.  I decided several years ago that my forte was to join non-profits that had tremendous potential but were struggling to capitalize on their opportunities.  This Food Bank initially experienced 30 years of strong leadership under Bob Randels, and I took this challenge to re-strengthen the agency and help it become the Food Bank this community deserves.

What I love about the Food Bank

What don’t I love!  We are building a strong team committed to reducing food insecurity throughout our 8 county service area and we are making tremendous progress.  It just feels good every night driving home and thinking about all the lives and families that we had the good fortune to help.  This Food Bank has been in existence for 38 years and in our single most productive year, we distributed 11 million lbs. of food; in 2020, we broke that record and distributed 14.6 million lbs!  I am immensely proud to be the CEO of the South Michigan Food Bank!

Dream dinner guest 

Nelson Mandela – the sacrifices he consciously made to help the less fortunate and his commitment to this long term goal are beyond impressive.  He is my personal hero.

Go-to karaoke song 

If I was to go into a bar and sing karaoke, I would be COVID friendly – everyone would leave!

My mantra is…

Just do the right thing!

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