Mary Stone

Mary Stone

Compliance Coordinator

How I got to the Food Bank

My daughter was a driver here and encouraged me to come here to volunteer as I was sitting at home bored.  I did leave for a while to work at Walmart.  After I quit working there I was asked again to come help here.  On my first day back as a volunteer, I was called into the boss’s office.  I thought, “How could I be in trouble already?”  It turned out that she had wanted to hire me on a temporary basis “until we’re not so busy anymore.”  This was nearly 12 years ago.

What I love about the Food Bank

The people I work with, the mission, and how we always come together to get things done.  The employees, management, agencies, volunteers are such good-hearted people.

Favorite midnight snack

Krunch Klondike bar!

If I could take 3 things on a deserted island, they would be…

Smartphone with bars, working freezer, Klondike Krunch bars (of course!)

Most recent Netflix binge

Blue Bloods, Vikings, Space Force