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The Holidays Are Seasonal; Hunger Isn’t

Reflections on 2021 from our CEO, Peter Vogel The holiday season is a time that allows ...
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South Michigan’s Desert | featuring Tekonsha’s Fresh Food Distribution

Food desert: an area that lacks easy access to affordable, nutritious food Much of South Michigan ...
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Hands Behind the Hunger Fight: Our Paths to the Food Bank — Part 2

Last month, we shared the career paths of one of our drivers, John, and our Volunteer ...
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Hands Behind the Hunger Fight: Our Paths to the Food Bank

There’s an unspoken pressure when you enter the workforce after high school or college graduation that ...
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Healthy Eating Tips: It’s All About Balance

Sometimes healthy eating can seem restrictive, but here at the Food Bank, we’re big believers in ...
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Our Food Chain: Food Bank to Food Pantry

You can think of the relationship between a food bank and a food pantry like a ...
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More Than a Recipe: Why We Love Sharing Meals

It's hard to imagine a world without cooking. So many of our memories involve food, and ...
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Volunteer Opportunities in the Kalamazoo Area

Here at South Michigan Food Bank, we love our volunteers and know the incredible impact of ...
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Food Donations: The Best, the Worst, and the Why

Reorganizing your kitchen, holding a food drive, or just want to drop off some food? Here’s ...
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Our 2020: A Reflection on Community & COVID-19

The pandemic changed everything for us. We knew that we had to keep serving, because it ...
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