You can make a difference this holiday season!

The holidays bring excitement and moments to make new memories! Oh how we love the holidays: baked goods, holiday lights, sitting around the table with friends and family eating our favorite foods.

For families and individuals who are struggling to provide these things this year, you can help! The cost of food, gas, electricity and other necessities is causing many families to make impossible decisions like choosing between putting food on the table or buying gifts, medicine, and heat.

As they say, "to give is better than to receive"... Your gift today will empower families to have all they need this holiday season and give you delight in knowing you're making a difference in this world.

Ways to get involved: 

  • Dollar-to-Dollar Match:
    • Every donation this holiday season will be matched up to $25,000, thanks to our partner, ITC!
    • From now till December 31st, your donation will be doubled!
  • Online Auction
    • You can support the food bank AND do some online 'shopping' all in one!
    • Check out our online auction and bid on items now
  • Volunteer - Sign up HERE
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