After School Packs

Happiness is hanging out with childhood friends, not worrying about whether or not you'll go to bed hungry.

Rear view of school kids walking on road in campus

A child should never have to worry about food.

Statistics show that there are over 30,270 food-insecure children in South Michigan.

In response to this need, South Michigan Food Bank started the After School Pack program. This program provides food for children at risk of going hungry over the weekend, when free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs are unavailable.

Each pack contains an average of 7 meals of nonperishable foods, like hearty soups, canned fruits, juices and cereal. This helps ensure that each child has access to meals throughout the weekend.

Because of the After School Pack program, children not only get the food they need, they get the message that someone cares.

Each meal is a success. When a child receives an After School Pack, he or she no longer has to worry about fighting hunger over the weekend.