Back to School

Provide Meals for Kids Back to School

The new school year brings a lot of excitement for kids across South Michigan, and we want all children to learn, play, and build friendships this year. But, when the most basic need of food security isn't being met, it impacts every other aspect of a child's life. Currently, Too many children are worried about where their next meal is coming from.

Families are facing high costs in the grocery story - food costs are 12% more than this time last year. When more money is spent on groceries, less is available for things like school supplies, transportation, and extracurricular activies. These are all important elements of an enriched life, and we don't want families to have to choose between them.

Like the families we serve, we are experiencing higher costs and fewer donations: food donations through federal sources, food manufacturers, grocery stores, and other sources have decreased dramatically. As a result, we are spending 50% more so that parents have food to feed their children.

With your gift, together, we can ensure every child has a full stomach to learn, play, and thrive this year.

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